Masters of Science Course (MSc) in

Nanomaterials for Nanoengineering


This new Masters course is now successfully established since its inauguration in September 2006. It is one of four MSc courses in nanotechnology offered jointly by the University of Sheffield and the University of Leeds under their "Nanofolio Programme". The course is provided in response to world-wide increasing demand for training in aspects of nanotechnology which are generic and which benefit a wide spectrum of applications. The combination of expertise from Engineering Departments, Science Departments and Materials Chemistry, combined with one course module on bio-nanotechnology gives this new course a unique flavour and allows the students to gain a distinctive qualification in their topical specialisation for a wide range of employment markets.

What does the course provide?

Students will receive a thorough foundation in nanomaterials, such as nanoparticles or nanopatterned surfaces, accompanied by an introduction to methods of nanostructuring along with the physical/chemical characterisation techniques necessary to assess and quantify the structures.

Nanomaterials covered in the course will include:

Nanostructuring and Nanometrology:

Fields of Applications:

Examples of applications of the above mentioned nanomaterials and nanostructures in both academic research and industry, range from catalysis, field-emission technology for displays and radiation sources, future computing devices, chip technology and information storage, to drug delivery devices, cosmetical products, and improved structural materials such as for aerospace technology.

Course Organisation and Structure:

Students will attend 8 taught modules, divided equally across two semesters, and gain a total of 120 credits, complemented by an extensive research project of 60 credits. The modules are divided equally between the two Universities of Sheffield and Leeds. The timetable is arranged such that students spend alternate days at the two Universities.

Science or Engineering Project:

Students will be able to choose from a large list of projects in both Sheffield and Leeds working in research fields of NanoMaterials, NanoEngineering or related subjects. The project plays a major role in this course and will allow the student to demonstrate the ability to complete an extensive topic of research within a given time, inclusive of literature search and a concise and detailed report.


Should be directed in the first instance to:
Mrs Julie Milner **
Tel: +44 (0)114 2223514

email :

For further informal enquiries please contact the MSc course director for Nanomaterials,

email : Dr Guenter Moebus *

or the overall Nanofolio courses coordinator,

email : Dr Mark Geoghegan **


email : Professor Michael Gibbs *

Postal addresses:
* University of Sheffield, Dept of Engineering Materials, Sheffield S1 3JD
** University of Sheffield, Dept of Physics and Astronomy, Sheffield S3 7RH


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